...I believe photography is about making connections and building relationships with my clients. I know you are looking for someone that doesn't just match the photography style you love, you're also looking for someone with whom you can relate even before we meet...so if you've made it this far into my website, hello, friend! I'll go first...

1. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in a foreign country. (Okay, so maybe that's not very relatable but it plays a big part in who I am today!)
2. And thus, I love flying (and layovers!) probably more than anyone you know... it's genuinely like a stress-reliever for me!
3. I LOVE my Happy Planner...Give me all the stickers and gel pens!
4. Chick-fil-A. Just, Chick-fil-A. Oh and Dr. Pepper. 
5. I am a Harry Potter & all-things-Disney, super fan. 
6. I start listening to Christmas music October 1st. (Doesn't everyone??) 
7. I am a fair-skinned, redhead who absolutely loves the beach!
8. My favorite movies: "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and "The Greatest Showman".
9. I am a Christ-follower and called to love and serve through my photography,  and as a mama and wife! Romans 8:35,37  
10. Did I mention Chick-fil-A and Dr. Pepper?

It's about more than just pretty pictures...